Vintage Cigars

Vintage and limited production cigars are collector items.

Dunhill Churchill Tubos

With every great cigar there is a great story. I was visiting Mr. Teddy Lam at the Cohiba Cigar Divan in HK in Sept. 1998. We were discussing the HUMATIC® JOURNAL™. I wanted to show our cigar audience as many things as possible.

Teddy went into his ‘private’ selection of exotic smokes. He produced a pearl white tube. He asked me if I ever saw a Cuban made Dunhill cigar? I could not take my eyes off of the tube. As he took a dark, oily Churchill size cigar out of the tube, I said… “not yet.”

He used all his senses and spiritually approved this 30+ year old masterpiece cigar.

I asked the price. I was told HK $3,850.00 – I calculated that was USD $500.00, per stick! He clipped the cigar and handed it to me. I was surprised. I was more surprised in the immediate rich flavor and soon to follow somatic rapture this elegant bit of history offered.

A rare breed.

It could be stamps, coins, wines, radios, automobiles, even cigars. It is recognized that young age collectors display an exceptional appreciation for unusual things.

Collectibles play an important part of our civilization and culture. Quality items from yesterday support the foundation of tomorrow.

Cohiba 30th Anniversary
Cohiba, originally produced as a gift for visiting dignitaries. Cohiba, later offered to the world became an instant success. In 1996 Cohiba celebrated its 30th Anniversary by offering this ONE TIME cigar made with hand selected vintage leaves and identified by a special band.

Today, one jar (25 sticks) of these magnificent cigars sells in Europe or S.E. Asia for USD $4,500.00