Clipping Cigars

You get one chance only. Use the proper equipment.

After selecting your favorite conditioned cigar, it is time to enjoy your smoke. Cut or trim the cap or end of the cigar only. This is done so the cigar will draw easily. Care must be taken so do not cut too deeply into the body of the cigar. If you cut too deeply, the cigar could unravel.

The scissors come in two sizes. These offer the most control for cutting. Scissors can cut the cap of cigars from 24 to 60 ring gauge. The larger size is ideal for table top use. The smaller size is ideal for hand or pocket carrying. The larger size shown is stainless steel. The smaller size is brass plated.

Cigar scissors have been long time favorites of cigar connoisseurs. High quality cigar scissors can be found in premiere smoking lounges worldwide. They offer the greatest control for precision cutting.

Care should be exercised when using or purchasing cigar scissors. Avoid low cost copies that are poorly made. Cheap cutters and scissors can make rough cuts and can ruin a treasured cigar.

Shown are high quality Solingen scissors from Germany. The large size retails in the US and S.E. Asia for about $75.00-$100.00. Other desirable scissors are offered by Davidoff of Geneva. In the next issue of HUMATIC® JOURNAL™ we will show pocket sized, single and double edged cutters.