Sizes & Shapes of Cigars

Cigars are usually tubular in shape.
Shown are: The Pyramid, the Torpedo and the Culebra

Torpedo or perfecto shaped cigars. Torpedo or perfecto shaped cigars are rolled in a form that is smaller at each end, or fatter in the middle. About one inch into the torpedo subtle flavors surface. Half way into the torpedo powerful flavors develop. The torpedo cigar reaches its most potent stage during the last 1/3 of its life.

A variety of shapes and sizes of cigars.
The shape and size depends on what the smoker desires. The length of the cigar determines the amount of time the cigar can be smoked. If the smoker wants a brief smoke, they select a short cigar. If the smoker has enough time to enjoy a 90-160 smoking experience, they will select a longer cigar. The diameter of the cigar usually determines the amount of taste or flavor and the draw the cigar can offer. If the smoker wants a light or mild smoke, they usually select a thin cigar. Conversely, if the smoker wants a richer or full bodied smoke, they choose a thicker cigar.

Different leaves give the cigar its power.
Leaves come from different parts of the tobacco plant. The leaves near the top of the plant are called ligero. The ligero leaf has the strongest flavor and effect. It is exposed to the most sun light and is the oldest. The ligero leaf is the thickest among the leaves of the plant. Because of the thickness of the top or ligero leaf, it is usually rolled into large diameter or ring gauge cigars. Thinner cigars have very little or no ligero leaf in their construction. Thus, thicker cigars usually offer a stronger effect Vs. thinner cigars with little or no top leaf that produce mild to medium cigars.

Cuban made pyramid or figurado shaped cigars. From left to right: Vegas Robina, Montecristo #2, H. Upmann #2, Romeo Y Julieta Belicosos Fino, Cohiba pyramid, Bolivar Belicosos Fino


Shape determines cigar taste and strength.

Pyramid or figurado shaped cigars.
Pyramid shaped cigars are rolled into a cone shape and are thus smaller at one end. The pyramid cigar builds in flavor, intensity and complexity as it is smoked. The pyramid is the strongest during the last 1/3 of its life. The newest Cuban pyramid is the Vegas Robina. It was introduced in 1997. The Montecristo #2 is considered the benchmark of pyramids. The H. Upmann #2 is produced at the Jose Marti factory. The Romeo Y Julieta Belicosos Fino is an earthy tasting gem. The Cohiba pyramid is ultra rare. A box of 10 Cohiba pyramids sells for USD $2,500-$4,000. The Bolivar Belicosos Fino is the strongest of the lot.

The Culebra. This is the most imaginative shaped cigar shown on this page. The Culebra cigar is actually three identical sized cigars, rolled into a braid.

Each cigar is about 40 ring x 5″. When the Culebra is made, it is moistened and formed into this extraordinary shape. After braiding the cigars together, they are tied with hemp at each end to maintain this remarkable shape. Shown is the Cuban Partagas Culebra. Each cigar is smoked separately.

No End to Unusual Shapes and Sized of Cigars. Expert cigar rollers can produce a variety of unusual shapes and sized of cigars. In future issues of HUMATIC&® JOURNAL™ we will show cigars that were rolled into the exact shape of a pipe!

In 1995, Gerard of Geneva auctioned cigars that were over 40″ in length. They sold for USD $1,500.00 each.