Secret Cuban Cigar Box Codes

Starting January 1999

Havana Factories
Ciudad de La Habana – Havana

Carlos Balino, formerly El Rey del Mundo, CB EGD
Briones Montoto, formerly Romeo Y Julieta, BM EDC
Ela Laguito, formerly, EL EUN
Fernandeo Perez German, formerly Partagas, FPG EAT
Miguel Fernandez Roig, formerly La Corona, FR EOG
Jose Marti, formerly H. Upmann, JM ECA
Juan Cano Sainz, formerly Por Larranaga, PL EEO
Heros de Moncads, HM ENI

Month Number Codes Year Number Codes
January UN 1 N
February UE 2 E
March UT 3 T
April UA 4 A
May UG 5 G
June UI 6 I
July UD 7 D
August UO 8 O
September UC 9 C
October NU 0 U
November NN
December NE

The Cuban Government places secret codes on the bottom of each box of cigars. As of January 1999 this code has just been changed. Above is the new code. Example: A box marked ECA UDCC, indicates manufactured at the Jose Marti factory in July of 1999.