Journal Contents

Humatic Journal Cover page.
Issue #1, Spring/Summer 1999

Enjoying your work Havana style.
Rating Cuban Robusto Size Cigars
12 of Cuba’s finest cigars rated.
Editor’s Desk
Comments to cigar connoisseurs.
The Many Benefits of Tobacco Without Additives
Cigarettes vs. Cigars.
Growing Tobacco
Cuban plantations.
Humidors and Humidification
Cigars get better when stored in the proper environment.
Two Types of Tobacco Plants
Corojo plant produces wrapper leaves. Criollo plant produces filler and binder leaves.
SE Asia Cigar Scene
Where to buy your Havana’s and cigar accessories in SE Asia.
Curing Tobacco
The tobacco barn and fermenting tobacco.
Hong Kong
The fun, excitement and cigars never end in Hong Kong.
Cigar Factories
Partagas and H. Upmann in Old Havana.
The world’s first avant garde cigar and winepaper editing service divan in the world.
Inside Cigar Factories Part I
The first steps in producing fine Havana Cigars.
Cigars & Pipes in Taiwan
Taipei’s oldest and best cigar, pipe and wine store.
Inside Cigar Factories Part 2 Machine Made Cigars
How machine made cigars are produced.
Smoking Cigars in Bangkok, Thailand
Mix and match fine Havana Cigars in Bangkok.
How to Judge a Good Cigar
Four essentials that make the perfect cigar.
Vintage Automobiles in Cuba Secret Cuban Box Codes.
Starting January 1999
Hand Made Cigars Part 1 Sizes and Shapes of Cigars
Rare and Vintage Cigars. Cutting or Clipping Your Cigar
You get one chance only, use the proper equipment.
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