Hand-made Cigars

Hand made cigars are a most rewarding pleasure.
They are also the most labor intensive of all tobacco products.

Veteran roller producing the world famous MONTECRISTO A.
This cigar is 47 ring x 9 1/4″

It is the hand made cigar which has driven the rebirth of the cigar industry. The hand made cigar is made from the same three components as the machine made cigar, with one major exception.

The filler is the main part of the cigar. This is made from three different whole leaves.

Each of the leaves utilized come from a different growing region, sometimes different countries (with the exception of Cuba.) These leaves are taken from different parts of the tobacco plant. Leaves from different parts of the tobacco plant will have different strengths and taste. It is this mixture that gives the cigar its distinctive flavor and individual taste.


The binder in hand made cigars is always an entire leaf that simply holds the filler in place. The binder leaf is a rough looking leaf and gives little or no taste to the finished cigar. Some Cuban cigars use two binder leaves.


The wrapper is the final leaf. The wrapper gives the cigar its appearance and should be the highest quality. Wrapper leaves are thin, delicate and fairly vein free. Wrapper leaves come in a variety of colors, from light green, to tan, to maduro or black. Maduro does not come from Cuba.