Humidors and Humidification

Cigars get better when kept in the proper environment.

It could be an inexpensive air tight food type container or a hand crafted humidor. HUMATIC® is the #1 choice of cigar connoisseurs the world over.

HUMATIC® 50™ in a $3.50 Tupperware® container.

Two HUMATIC® HR™’s in a $3500.00 Elie blue humidor.


Storing Cigars
Cigars must be kept in some type of humidity controlled environment. Traditionally, cigars are stored in humidors. Humidors come in a variety of sizes and designs. The most important consideration is that humidors seal tightly. It is preferred that humidors are lined with Spanish cedar wood. Cedar is used for two reasons: a) It gives cigars a cedar flavor that is enjoyed by many cigars enthusiasts. b) It will hold moisture and not mold or rot. If conditions were created that provoked mold, it is obviously too wet.

Cigars are best if kept at 72% relative humidity at 70ºF.
Cigars stored at 72% RH offer their greatest taste. Their bouquet and combustibility is perfect. Some people prefer their cigars kept at 70% RH. Some people prefer their cigars kept at 74% RH. Keeping cigars within these parameters becomes a personal choice.

If kept below 68% RIH cigars start to dry out. Dry cigars bum fast and taste harsh. Above 80% RH, cigars are too wet to stay lit and enjoy. Above 85% RH, they will become soggy and develop mold.


Protecting your cigar investment
Shown on the left are several choice Cuban cigars. They are stored in a $3.50 Tupperware® container. They are maintained in perfect condition with the simple, maintenance free and low cost HUMATIC® 50™ pouch.

Shown of the right is what is generally agreed to be the finest humidor in the world. This hand crafted French made Eli blu humidor is adorned with gold medallions. It is maintained with two HUMATIC® HR™ humidification regulators. The two HR™ regulators are serviced with HUMATIC® Scientific Solution™ twice a year.

The proud owner of this choice Eli Blu humidor trusted his precious Cuban made: Cohiba robusto’s, lanceros and esplendidos to HUMATIC®.


Aging cigars
Cigars should be stored in optimum conditions for 18 months. By this time, they begin to offer many beneficial characteristics cigar smokers desire. If kept for three years, they develop deeper character. If kept for five to seven years, the same cigars become masterful.

Cuban cigars photographed in Canada.