Vintage Automobiles in Cuba

Vintage automobiles in Cuba. Part 1

1953 Oldsmobile.
License plates that read particular indicates this is a privately owned vehicle.

There are hundreds of ‘vintage’ automobiles in Cuba. The majority are 1950 – 1959. By US standards, they are considered American Classics. These cars are kept operating by the most ingenious Cuban people. Parts for these cars have not been made in the US for decades. This combined with the current trade embargo between the US and Cuba makes exact replacement parts virtually impossible to obtain.

Parts are made as they are needed by local machine shops. In other instances parts are transferred from cars of different makes and years. This 1953 Oldsmobile uses a generator from a Sovia Lada. The transmission is 1956 Olds. The differential is 1954 Buick. An oversized battery is located in the trunk. It is from a boat.