HUMATIC® 50 for conditioning up to 50 cigars.

HUMATIC® 125 for conditioning up to 125 cigars.

HUMATIC® 50 and 125 makes any sealing bag, jar or container the lowest cost humidor. Each last for about one year without maintenance.


HUMATIC® 50 $16.49 USD [add_to_cart=3218]
HUMATIC® 125 $29.49 USD [add_to_cart=3221]


HUMATIC® HD™For humidors or jars that hold 25-40 cigars.2 1/4″ x 7/8″ Attaches with heavy duty magnet. HUMATIC® HS™For humidors that hold 50-100 cigars.5/8″ x 3″ x 3″ Attaches with heavy duty magnet. 17dHUMATIC® HR™For humidors that hold 75-150 cigars.7/8″ x 3″ x 7″ Attaches with heavy duty magnet.

HUMATIC® HD™, HS™ & HR™ utilize a special sponge material (not floral foam) that holds extra amounts of solutions to reduce maintenance associated with keeping humidors functioning properly.

HUMATIC® HD $13.49 USD [add_to_cart=3222]
HUMATIC® HS $18.99 USD [add_to_cart=3224]
HUMATIC® HR $24.99 USD [add_to_cart=3226]
HUMATIC® Scientific SolutionA mixture of naturally occurring compounds. When added to a sponge regulator, it automatically stabilized a relative humidity at 70%-72%. 4oz.
 $17.49 USD [add_to_cart=3249]



Great Lovers Smoke Cigars™ Cap. Wear the cap worn by Cuban tobacco growers and rollers. Show your friends what you are all about. Highest quality. Made in the USA.

$16.49 USD  [add_to_cart=3242]



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